There's always something new to buy

To all the photography people, I know you’re here:

Argh. Where to scrape up 3 grand? That’s a tasty rig.


You could sell some of those amazing boxes. :wink:

Also I may have to hunt you down and thwack you with my crutches for doing that to your avatar. :grimacing:



I already signed up for B&H notification list when it can be purchased…

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Wow, you are very observant! I had to hunt down somebody else starting with “E” and compare to see the difference. Subtle.

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I gave him grief about having an anonymous avatar and expecting people to remember things about him. He did it to taunt me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can neither confirm nor deny such a thing.


As long as there is no significant performance degradation with the existing L lenses that I have, then I may be interested in this; otherwise, I’ll stick with my 5DM3. The adapters don’t seem to indicate any performance loss, but I’ll wait to see some reviews once it’s released.

The new mount part sounded like old lenses might be SOL. Maybe there will be an adapter? I mean they would have to, right?

It would be the only way. Bodies are largely dispensable in the grand scheme. The glass is the true investment. Without an adapter, they couldn’t make the sales to make it worthwhile. FWIW, Nikon just announced their mirrorless line - with adapters.


The new full-frame mirrorless EOS R camera provides gorgeous results, with four RF lenses reimagining Canon optics and three optional Mount Adapters helping to ensure you can bring your EF and EF-S lenses along.

from here:


Ugh. Another camera to lust after…

For the camera nerds…


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