There's magic in this box

I’ve had my Pro for a few days now, and like most of us here, the wait was long. OK… Very long. Like many of you, I experienced the Seven Stages of Crowdfunding, which are coincidentally much like the Seven Stages of Grieving. (Yes, I know the Glowforge wasn’t actually crowdfunded, but there is no other word for “pre-ordering an ambitious product which doesn’t exist yet,” so it will have to do.)

When the time came to unbox and print the Founder’s Ruler, I did experience the “surprise and delight” factor that product people try to inject into their work. I saw in front of me the vision in that first promo video. Incomplete, sure, but still real.

Despite the shipping delays and unfinished software, there is magic in this box. If you have yours already, you probably know what I am talking about.

As my first original project, I made a keychain for a friend in about 10 minutes, by remembering nothing from the forum tips except “strokes for cuts, fills for engraves.” When my wife asked, “can you make me a double-sided thing like so, oh sorry it’s last minute,” I did that with no trouble, too. (WifeAcceptanceFactor++ !)

I think that most of you who are yet to receive yours will experience some of the magic too, even as you (and I) are gritting our teeth over things still lacking.

Late though it may be, issues though it may still have, this product has earned some serious kudos.

The point of this post isn’t just a little cheerleading, though. There is magic in this box, but there’s still room for a lot more of it.

I guess I am trying to say that I am going to try to appreciate the magic that I have on hand now, while continuing to advocate for putting in as much more magic as we can get.

Thanks to the team; thanks in advance for what’s to come. You delivered magic. We’re looking forward to getting more of it!


You are welcome, and we are hard at work making more magic!

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