There's something wrong with our privacy policy


Someone just raised this in a private communication and I wanted to share it right away. Our privacy policy says:

If you submit a document or photo, it becomes Glowforge property. If you submit photos to us in any social media context, you thereby grant us permission to use that photo in print or online/electronically for any lawful purposes. Note that if you share information with us on a public social media site, that information may be seen by the general public and any other person or entity might collect and keep that information for their own purposes.

You might reasonably conclude from this that we are going to claim ownership over anything you submit.

We’re not going to do that.

This privacy policy was written with our launch activities in mind, which included things like submitting pictures of yourself and doodles to share. We are already starting to work on the privacy policy that will govern the Glowforge software itself. It won’t have this clause. (I just sent a note to our friendly neighborhood lawyer to see if we can make it clear that it won’t apply to our software even now).

I just wanted to be absolutely clear, on the record, that you can print your things without giving up any rights to them. You will not be obliged to share them in any way, although that may be an option that you can choose.

Hope we didn’t scare anyone with this oversight!


Thank you so much, @dan, for clarifying this! That was the one clause that gave me an unsettled feeling on launch day. I bought one anyway–just hadn’t gotten around to asking yet on these forums!


So has the privacy policy update been completed?

Speaking of privacy: what about that camera in the lid? I’ve seen examples that show the camera operates with the lid open or closed. Do we need to think about what we are (or aren’t) wearing when we open up the GF - is the image data sent to the cloud?


Snapchat with your GF, Sounds fun…


No, we haven’t posted it yet.

The user controls when to take a photo.