Thick Acrylic engraving cannot dial in settings

First attempt at some acrylic awards for a local community and cannot dial in the settings? It is 1in thick Blue tinted clear acrylic - Premium Arrowhead Award. I believe the height is set right but the image either is too scratchy on surface, too deep or isnt clear for the smaller letters? Any ideas?


Defocus the laser for a smoother look. What settings are you using? Have you adjusted the lpi?

I’m going to move this to “Beyond the Manual” since Support can’t help with non-PG material settings. :slight_smile:

Definitely need to know what settings you are using, but acrylic is VERY precise so is shows every detail of the engrave, where as wood “softens” the print producing a relatively smooth result. You can overcome this with higher LPI and lower power/higher speed, and by focusing away from the material which widens the beam and softens the engrave.

Thank you all. We adjusted height for no crumb tray. Settings that eventually worked with ckean image were .691 material thickness, Engrave @ 800 speed/40 pwr

/ 225 lpi


Another tip is to follow the engraving of any lettering with a score outline. That will clean up the edges of the engraves

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