Thick Black Proof Grade Acrylic

Did GF shop ditch the Thick Black Proof Grade acrylic sheets? I was using them to make letters for my monument sign and now they are gone from the shop.

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I suspect it’s just out of stock, and the choice for thick will reappear once they get it in.

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Sold out items are still displayed, the just have an X thru them and the red “add to cart” button changes to a grey “sold out” button if you select them.

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Whenever I want to order some proof grade materials, they’re always out of Stock!! I know you can get the materials for slightly cheaper elsewhere, but the convenience is good (the price is better if you’re a founder too…:wink: ), just a shame that inventory runs out so quickly. Would be nice to see a larger variety of acrylics on sale too…oh, well…first world problems and all that!!



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Right and on the black it’s just gone. So I assume they don’t stock it anymore. I did see the thick white. I may have to paint the white.

Price “used” to be better if you were a founder. Was sad to see that end.

It did? I didn’t even notice…hmmm, that’s not cricket.

Yep. Ended in June.

Order from They have great pricing and discounts on multiple quantities.

It’s even more convenient because they always have everything in stock. :slight_smile:


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