Thick Draftboard sold out?

Hiya! I went to place an order for some materials in the store today and found that the normal size for thick draftboard is sold out!!! I actually make and sell a product out of thick draftboard and am at a bit of a loss now, I don’t see any information pertaining to when it will be back in stock or anything. Is there any info about this?

I also now see that thick Basswood is not available for sale anymore? This one has an X through the entire option is it no longer going to be available in the store at all?

You could buy the 48" long sheets of thick draftboard which they have, shipping is free above $100 so you’d only need to buy three sheets. Do you have a pro? If not, you could cut each sheet down to fit.

No I don’t have a pro, I was considering that as an alternative option but I would of course prefer to get the 12x20" size and am just curious if it will be available again and if so when, as well as the thick basswood.

Both will be restocked, but there’s no information on when.

@crimson_flygon I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. We’re working to get these materials back in our Shop as quickly as possible.