Thick Maple Plywood Finish Quality?

Hi! Just a quick question, for anyone who’s recently gotten some :proofgrade: thick plywood.

I’ve been disappointed with the lacking finish of the thick maple plywood in my past few orders. The thick walnut and cherry have had good consistent sheen/smooth/nice finishes, but the maple has been lacking and rough. Has it gotten any better or is it still like that? Just want to know what I should expect.

Hi @thejambi,

I’m sorry for the disappointment . Would you mind emailing us some photos so I can take a closer look to

See for a video showing off what I mean. The walnut is sooth and nicely finished, the maple is rough.

The finish across thick maple, cherry, and walnut used to be all the nice glossy finish shown on the walnut there. But they’ve been inconsistent for me for the past 1/2-year at least.

Hi @thejambi,

Thanks for the photos, and I’m sorry the plywood didn’t meet your expectations. I’ve followed up with your directly over email, so I’m going to close this thread.