Thick plywood finish quality when it comes back in stock?

Hi. I want to see if :glowforge: support knows if the thick plywood will have the nice finish when they’re back in stock. The thick maple, especially, since the last batches I’ve had of that have had poor finishes compared to the other thick plywoods.

They used to all have the same very nice glossy finish, and I am hoping support can confirm that will be the case again.

See this video for an example of the poor finish on the thick maple plywood vs a thick walnut plywood:

So… What should we expect?


I don’t think support has any insight or information about the shop items… I am not sure if they will be able to help?

Hopefully they can pass this information up the chain-of-command and get it to who needs to know.


Yeah, there’s gotta be someone who can assure us what the quality will be. If they can pass this along to whoever knows and they could make a similar video showing the good quality finish, I’d be over-the-moon happy.


Don’t hold your breath.

Dan covered this in a recent update. Supply is uncertain right now. They don’t know when anything will be in-stock, let alone what the quality will be. Even under normal circumstances, it wasn’t possible to find out.

I know we don’t know when things will be back in stock, I’m definitely not asking for a time on that.

And of course I doubt they would do that, but it’s good to let them know how they can serve their customers best.

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I’m already moving away from :proofgrade: hardwood for what I do, and I’ll be testing out another source for plywood, too. They deserve to know why, I guess.

Just wanted to chime in that the last couple sheets of thick maple I’ve used and unmasked had no finish on them, or virtually no finish. They were just matte sanded wood.


You should register this with support, they can issue a refund or credit for future purchase.

All wood products claim “Each board is coated with a furniture-grade semi-gloss finish”.


So I’m not crazy! It’s been like this for the longest time, though, unfortunately.

Hi @thejambi. I’m so sorry you have had issues with your orders of Proofgrade. @eflyguy is right, we want to know if the materials you are receiving have some issues. If you are having issues with the finishes, send us an email with the pictures so we can investigate with our supplier. Thanks for brining this to our attention. I’ll make sure your feedback is passed along.