Thickness measurement gone awry

I am trying to print a pattern on Proofgrade acrylic, and I am getting an error that my material is not of the right thickness, even though it is in the area I am trying to print. There are cutouts elsewhere on the sheet. Does the GF not use the area where the cut is supposed to be to measure thickness?

Tried to print at ~11:43 PDT on Maxim 59.

The point at where the measurement is taken is a bit of a mystery (though consistent for a given design - as in, for a particular design, it seems to scan at the same place every time you run it.

Some designs it scans at an outer boundary. Some it wants to hit right in the middle of an engrave area.

The time or two I’ve received that error is because part of my design was placed just off of the material and it chose that spot to scan (which was ok in that case - saved me a miscut).

Have you watched the scan process? Is it hitting a hole or off of the material somewhere?

Edit to add: I assume that it scanned the QR code and identified the material, or that you selected the material manually?


It hasn’t been consistent for me, at least not in the past. A few months ago I printed the same design multiple times in a row in the same spot (I was doing multiple passes of an engrave to see how deep I wanted it to be) and I saw it flash the red laser in a different spot each time.

Perhaps it’s more consistent now, though. I haven’t done that kind of test recently.

My computer is downstairs from my GF, so I couldn’t watch the placement. But I was able to put a piece of scrap in the nearest hole, and then it cut. Thanks!

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I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!