Thickness of material

Is .5 the thickest material you can cut with the honeycomb tray in place?

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The short answer is “yes”.

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It’s really more like about 0.5".

If you look under the laser, you’ll see a metal air scoop, that’s where the air assist blows on your piece. That’ll be the first thing that hits your material.

As for how thick it can cut… well you can in theory stretch it out further than that, but it can only focus within the ~0.5" height. The laser cuts best when it’s focused very near to your material, but some materials cut more easily than others. Take a foam, for example. Foams are sometimes scary to cut because they can catch fire or melt if you’re not careful, but they also generally cut easily. Since it’s so easy to cut, focus isn’t as crucial and so you could probably cut a lot thicker than 0.5", as long as the scoop doesn’t hit it.

Of course, it’s usually easier to just take the tray out if you’re trying some super-thick shenanigans.


thank you


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