Thickness of the stock for the Can storage Jules has in the catalog

I must be missing something. I was trying to figure out what material she used for those can holders.

is there some “info” button I’m not seeing to click on?


Should be medium draftboard, IIRC. :slightly_smiling_face:
(Any medium PG ply will work, but it gets pricey.)

and in :glowforge: terms medium is 1/8" (thick being 1/4")

FYI, usually the material thickness is in the name of the file. I don’t have that file, but for example “(1. Medium Plywood) Counting Down the Days Calendar (24 Days)


well isn’t that just fabulous. I have medium draftboard from those fine folks at BLICK.

thanks Jules!!!

I am thinking about making a version that is stackable.

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Is that the same kind of Draftboard that Glowforge sells? (Which is actually a kind of MDF).

Just checking…I’m not sure Blick uses the same terminology, although you can always try it…it needs to be 1/8" thick and closer to 0.134", which is what my DB swells to here.

Just be sure to have some glue and clamps on hand for slightly thinner materials.

you know. I have to look at that more carefully. I have PG draftboard I got a while back. Well I have 1/8 material of various types. as I was typing this it just dawned on me what I got from BLICK was chip board. Duh.

I do have a couple of large sheets of the PG draftboard for sure. bought back in the old days when they had stock

and I have about 30 quick release clamps, along with pipe clamps, bar clamps and C clamps.

so if I just get it close I should be ok.

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