Thin maple veneer and engrave/score

Howdy folks,

So I am dropping off a cutting board for someone tomorrow, and I wanted to give some tags with it.

I got from Lee Valley their thin maple veneer business cards some time back, and have used them to little success, TILL NOW!

Used the proof grade settings as a base, and then tinkered. I also didn’t want to wait for the long engrave time on the HD engrave so dropped it to 225 lines. Either way, they look great.

Text done with Hersey text in inkscape. The image is a direct drag in of a PNG into the GFUI.



This is awesome!! I have a whole drawer of Menards Pizza Boards which I need to figure out what to do with them. This would be a classy way of including instructions on how to care for something and be a business card (for future business hopefully) for them to hold on to at the same time. Thanks for sharing! This weekend I am getting ready to finally play with veneer and was wondering about what to do with it…thanks!!