Things are getting out of whack here

Day 2 on the GF is presenting some issues. First, please know this was my first time using the 3D engrave option and I used it on too dark a photo. That can be fixed in the future, but I don’t know what to do about the other problem. I ended up cancelling this print when I noticed the registration was off. It started off very well, but about halfway through the photo, the alignment shifted, ruining the print. All I can guess is that I must have lost transmission at one point and it shifted. I was on the computer the entire time (surfing the GF Forum) and never let the computer go into sleep mode. I certainly never noticed any lag in computer time or in the GF during production. The GF was never touched during the print, it’s sitting flat and level on a sturdy table. Has anybody had this issue, or have any suggestions?



I can’t tell you what went wrong but I can tell you what didn’t go wrong. Don’t worry about your computer crashing or going to sleep during a print. The server computer and the :glowforge: are in charge after the print starts. I’ve crashed the browser, I’ve even had to reboot my computer and it doesn’t harm anything.


Okay, thanks. That makes sense. I went ahead and sent a message to Support to what they suggest.


I’m which case they’ll be along at some point to close this thread out. Both this category and e-mail open support tickets and e-mail is preferred over forum contact.

Currently the whole job is downloaded into the GFs memory before you are invited to press the button, so internet connection isn’t needed at all to complete the print.


I ran into exactly this when I exported to SVG from Illustrator using the (default) 2 digit precision - the vectors and bitmaps didn’t align. After changing the export to 4 digit precision, everything aligns perfectly.


Interesting. I did use Illustrator and exported using 3 digit precision, but tomorrow I will try it again with 4. I’m really excited to this, but I must delve into Sunday Mom mode (making sure homework is done, laundry is clean and lunch food available). Thanks for taking the time to respond!


Oh no! I’m sorry your print didn’t come out the way you planned. I’m looking into what happened.

If you turn your Glowforge off and back on, it will calibrate and the alignment will reset. Have you seen this happen again since?

Thanks for checking in. I did shut it off and turn it back on and have had no issues since. It seems to be pretty happy. As am I.

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I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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