Things That Rhyme with Marble

How thick is your material? Did you use the set focus or assign a material height?

What’s settings do I use??

How thick is that?

The settings I have seen suggested are full speed (1000) full power 270 lpi, but you have to be in focus range.

It’s 1/2” thick

How do I set focus ??

You may have to remove the honeycomb tray and then put material under the marble to elevate it to between 1.5" and 2" from the Glowforge floor. 1/2" thick material could be just barely out of focus.

To set focus, select uncertified material, auto focus, and then use the set focus tool before placing your artwork. The set focus tool can be found by clicking the three dots in the interface. Choose set focus, move your cursor to the place on your material where your design will be and click. The printhead will move to that point and send out a red beam. The camera image will adjust and then you can place your artwork.

I did remove the tray when I tried…but will try again with the focus tips, thx

You must elevate the surface to be engraved to within the 1/2" focus range.

Is there a reason why you are masking it? Are you planning to do the color fill? And if so, is that something you plan to bring to market and sell (a color filled engraved marble serving board)?

I would think your issue is either a set focus one or you have your layers on top of each other in the app. I use full power and full speed with 270 LPI and 1 pass. My results:

There is a post somewhere in the forums where I go into a lot of detail on all marble stuff. Just search for marble and I am sure it will come up.


It is hard to over blast rocks generally, and with marble unless it gets hot enough to turn into CaO your good. As you are basically spalling the material you can go low in LPI to say 340 (or less) I think to reduce the amount of CaO (YMMV) where you are not reheating overheated rock Then you can go slow like 200 or less till you start to see the CaO form and then go faster.

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Thank you for your help…not selling trying to engrave a board with color fill as a house warming gift.

Good to know! Well, the only reason I ask is that adding the paint onto marble is something that will chip off. Not a big deal for personal use but I would not recommend it for selling because you will have some angry customers. Especially for something like a serving board which will be washed more often and hold up with only a few washings.

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