Things were going so well

I woke this morning like a kid on Christmas day Yes my Glowforge was expected today i say was as i have just seen my UPS delivery van pass by without stopping. I have never felt so excited then deflated in the space of a few hours. I used the ups my choice to have it delivered specially for today, but was a little concerned this morning as i had no email saying it was out for delivery, anyway after getting in touch with ups i am now waiting on a phone call from my local depot to see where it is. Well just had the phone call, been told it may still be in east midlands my tracking info says Luton. Hope they havn,t lost it. Now i just have to wait see what happens tomorrow. :anguished:


Good luck!

Guh, I feel for you. UPS were just rubbish for me too. Two things - the people on the phone were as good as useless as was the actual status thing on the app, check the actual tracking section (hit the parcel and scroll down) as it’ll tell you when it’s out for delivery… maybe.

Second, it is (imo) totally worth the wait! It’s beautiful, really well built and just a pleasure to use. It’s a bit scary at first but you’ll be glad you got it. I hope it gets there soon :wink: