Thinking like a maker

Just a fun little share…

We’ve had our 'forge now for… what… just over 2 years now. And it’s taken a little bit of time to get it firmly planted in her thinking, but my Wife was going to a bridal shower over the weekend… And I’m happy to say that her first thought wasn’t “Let me go buy a present.” She came to me and said “Hey, I need a gift for Saturday. What can you whip up before I leave? How 'bout a cutting board with their family name? And add a “Established 2019” to it?” Done. And it gets better… Afterwards she comes home and says “Everybody loved the cutting board. What else can we make for their wedding? Cake topper? Hey, can we engrave metal so we can do their cake knife set?” So I’ve finally got an excuse to order some CerMark!

Lasers… Fun for the whole family!


Awesome :slight_smile:

Is cermark food safe?

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I use it on my eggs all the time. I’m still here. :wink:

From their website:

The CerMark coating and marking process otherwise generically referred to as “laser bonding” is not something the FDA can approve by itself. We have multiple customers that have used the CerMark laser bonding process and have had their instruments with our marks successfully approved by the FDA.


Another convert - fantastic! Now you have an ally to back up your maker supply purchases!


Yup, getting to that kind of a mindset is Great!

My hands down favorite scene from Parks and Rec (actually, probably in my top five TV moments ever) is Ron Swanson’s “People who buy things are suckers”.

I think about this ALL THE TIME and it both makes me smile and makes me look at things differently.


Ron Swanson is a gem. The glowforge was really sold and a part of the family after my wife drew a design for earrings and I cut them out for her. So long as I continue making jewellery for her, I think I’m safe!


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