Thinner Clear Acrylic For Business Cards?

A client of mine wants clear business cards- so I’m assuming acrylic cause what else is clear? They have a canoe business and specialize in clear canoes where you can see the riverbed underneath. Pretty cool.

Anyways. I’m thinking the proofgrade acrylic at 1/8th is too thick… yeah? One of my minions hunted down this stuff and I’m just wondering what you guys think about working with thinner acrylic or if there’s any tips I should know or heck- is there a clear material that isn’t acrylic that I should look into playing with?

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1/16th is the thinnest widely available acrylic out there, just be sure whatever you are getting is cast and not extruded, as I assume you’ll be engraving it. Cast engraves that nice milky white, extruded doesn’t have nearly as much contrast.

I’d start by looking on the google for 1/16 cast acrylic.

Estreet carries it, and it’s hard to beat their prices.


I set out trying to make normal business cards and at one point had a lot of pieces of the same size so did a nice 3d on one side and the contact information on the other and had a much better response so that is what I do for cards now and they are 1/4 inch thick,

if there was a shape like a canoe from above and something like this…

With the contact information on top made into a key chain holder.

I think eventually you’d cross over into so brittle they’d shatter but: says it’s 1/32"!

Something like this: will be hardier, but polypropylene is known for melting so hitting a good setting may be a loooooooooong process (if it’s even possible

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Try acetate, much thinner and bendy.

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Been away for reasons, acetate?

Welcome back :slightly_smiling_face: you can get various weights of acetate at a good art/drafting supply store. It’s like those old schoolplastic transparencies for projectors.

( you could totally buy it online, but at the store you could see what thickness you like )

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Just did some research and this is EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Bendy but sturdy. Bless! Also double bless for reminding me I can easily find this in a store. I’ve learned with the gf being able to physically touch materials before purchase goes a long ways.

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