Thinnest score lines possible?

Does anyone have settings or insight on how to make the thinnest lines possible using score?
I am currently working with .01" thick bamboo, I draw with vectors so I prefer to use score, also for the speed factor. Using Focus set to .1" to match surface height, Power set to 1, and putting speed up to about 300 when it starts getting too light, my lines measure .01" using a micrometer. It seems like I should be able to get them more than 10 times thinner using this formula: Max LPI = 1355, 1"/1355 = .000738", if I round up to .001", that’s still 10 times thinner than what I am getting, I realize that the 1355 is under Engrave setting but it shows that the beam is capable of a very small width. I will use engrave if that is the only way to do this :O)
Thanks for any help!
R.L. Hamm

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At 1335 LPI, the beam is burning over area it has already burned over, overlapping its earlier paths. You can’t make the beam any smaller.


No. LPI says how many passes it makes in that inch and how close the lines are together. Not how wide they are. The width of the line is determined by how narrow you can focus the beam of light and how the material reacts to the energy imparted by the beam of light. On bamboo, you can probably only get down to a kerf of 0.007" when cutting and perhaps a bit smaller for a lower power engrave, maybe 0.003".


You should make sure you are using the correct focal height.

And then what the others said.


Oops, I meant I was using .1" thick bamboo.

Thank you for the help everyone. I’m going to close this post. If you have any other questions, please write in to or create a new post here!