Third pen first to be engraved!

This is my third pen I’ve turned. Decided to try engraving it. Came out perfectly


Been turning and engraving pens for years. Looks great and the engraving is great…


Yea I preorder the glowforge. Then a co worker gave me his father’s old lathe. A cheap Franklin foundry sold a sears in the mid 70’s. And I was hooked. That’s takes up most of my free time. Now I have a nova galaxy. Mainly turn bowls and vases. Been turning close to two years.


That’s the same lathe I have and love it. I turn mostly pens wood and acrylic but have done some bowls for the family. I’m currently making some end tables for my daughter for Christmas and going to attempt to turn the legs using a pattern I got from a friend. Worse that can happen is I’ll just buy some legs…


Just keep in mind that most people will not see the mistakes. For one thing the legs will be far enough apart to compare by eye. So do the best you can. Then ask some else what they think of it.


And it looks awesome too!

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Thanks had thought about that. The pattern was cut out of cardboard so i can use like a jig. I’ll post them when i’m done…

that’s just lovely, what kind of wood is the pen? I can only imagine this would be addicting.

Blood wood form Rockler.


I have been turning pens for a couple of years. If I may ask what setting did you use for the engrave

Full power (basic) 1000 speed.
Draft board PG setting.

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That looks great! I am trying unsuccessfully to engrave on the handle of a wooden cooking spoon-looks similar to what you did. Would you mind sharing how you did this??

Will do.
Kinda like you would do for snapmarks though.

Thank you. Ever tried to engrave an acrylic. Something I may have to try just to see what happens

Since the setting were mentioned I’m going to move this to Beyond the Manual. The staff doesn’t offer advice on non PG material and setting…

So much fun! This machine gave me back what it feels like to be a kid on Christmas morning. Every time I render an idea onto material.

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This is what i did.

The opening I made was sized to the pen blank. Then once the pen was in place. I took calibers set the focus hight.


What are you running into. I do spoons often as they’re cute little gifts for anyone who has a kitchen :grinning:

That turned out very nice! :grinning:

Hi James:
Thanks for reaching out! I solved my initial printing problem-I didn’t have the crumb tray in so my spoons weren’t big enough- so now I can print, but I am having trouble with scorch marks. Have you run into this? I’m printing using the medium draft board setting…

Thank you!