Third pen first to be engraved!

I did not. I’m not home this week so can’t lookup the settings I used but I typically use custom settings for engraves because I feel the GF ones tend to burn too dark or deep.

I set the focus on the center of the bowl of the utensil. Not sure if that’s what you’re doing. I have set the handle focus at the center of the handle and the bowl engrave at the bowl height but didn’t find too much difference vs just using the single value.

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I had some minimum scorching on the blood wood pen blank. I intentionally engraved it before I was completely finished polishing. The final polishing steps removed the scorching It’s really hard to say what settings will work for your material. The other thing is check your focus height. Is your surface completely flat. If not you might have to break up your Engraving. Into sections so you can set the focus Heights accordingly.


Do you turn stabilized pens as well? Do you engrave before or after finish? I have heard of people that say before, and others say after finish. I do a lot of stabilization, burls and such.

I’m just a hobbyist. I’m very careful about what I put into my glowforge. Because of the fumes and increase risk of Fire. No telling what cactus juice or other stabilizing stuff would do. Just be careful

Thanks I will. I have had stabilized pens laser engraved. However I will check with Curtis as well.

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What were your settings?

I don’t remember I stared with PG walnut and tested it