Third Printer in 2 weeks. Refurbished?

Why would I be receiving a refurbished printer after my first two in the last two weeks didn’t work? All this after waiting the original 2 months. I’m glad I looked again that it actually said refurbished on the warranty request email.

This is a bit confusing, not sure what you are asking here.


I bought a new printer. It didn’t work. I got a second new one and it didn’t work. Why would I get a used printer 3rd instead of a new one that works?

Ah that makes more sense.

Yeah. I wouldn’t get a “Like new” used car after buying a new one, returning for another when it failed twice. Annoying.

I can see that, but why would I want a used one instead of a new one that works? (Which still could have the same issues)

Yeah that is a bit odd, The support staff will get back to you here if you have not already emailed them. Just another owner hoping it was something i might be able to help with but needed to clarify what the issue was, but this one is out of my wheelhouse sry.

No worries. I appreciate it. Problem is that I responded with the copy and paste text sent earlier today and just realized it said refurbished. I replied saying I will not accept it. We’ll see.

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Why are refurbished machines less reliable? I refurbished 3D printers for several years and every one that I worked on ran better and longer than a new one. I have never purchased a refurbished unit that was less reliable than a new one. The only possible devaluation would be for cosmetic blemishes and if there aren’t any why would you care that a tech has been through the machine with a fine-tooth comb to ensure there are no issues?


Usually, a closer inspection than original.

If you had to wait for an individual to troubleshoot your machine, get the parts, and repair it, takes a lot more time than quickly sending out you a machine ready to go they are confident in. Personally, if the machine performed as advertised, and had a warranty, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, if the machine was new or not wouldn’t bother me - as long as the warranty was new.

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To be fair, this is is the support channel for GF. There are plenty of people who don’t have any issues and therefore do not post in here.

But I think there’s also a danger in hijacking this thread. It’s a support request, so if you aren’t able to assist with that, it may be best to start a new thread to satisfy your curiosity.


edit: i deleted my 2 previous posts in this thread. to the original poster, @Rodeo , i sincerely hope you get your issue resolved soon so you can enjoy your machine!

my apologies. it was not my intent to hijack this thread. and i am well aware that this is a support channel for GF.

and i am one of those people who haven’t had any issues with my machine and therefore have not posted in here in the 3 years i have had my machine.

actually, i can remember only two issues i had: (1) with the packaging when my machine arrived - and i promptly emailed GF support, and (2) i was having trouble opening my SVG files and again, i emailed GF support. i was well aware that i had to do that OR post here but not both.

thank you for putting me in my place. i’ll go back to simply being a reader here and only chime in when/if appropriate.

Not a problem. I still haven’t heard back from support after sending the email so commenting on this may have kept it at the top and get noticed by support. So, I’m good with it.

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I’m happy for you that you haven’t had any issues. I’m just trying to figure out why I’m receiving a refurbished machine after my first two new ones flat out didn’t work. Are you able to assist?

Maybe you’re replying to the wrong person? I haven’t mentioned whether I have or have not had any issues. As for the refurbed machine, that’s a decision GF makes.

Posting here creates a support ticket so thankfully bumping posts isn’t an issue. But if you want to connect more directly with the team, they do have a chat option. Not sure if it’s staffed on the weekend, though.


read your warranty as well… it’s entirely at their discretion as to whether they send new or refurbished machines or parts.


Seems a refurbished might be better at this point as it would be tested and verified if you have already had two new ones and they both didn’t work.

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Also, it’s probably a lot faster to get someone else’s brand new machine that was returned and repaired than to wait for a new machine to be manufactured. There have been some looooong waits recently due to all the supply line issues caused by COVID.


Not a big issue. Don’t be afraid to post whenever you have the urge. We are a collective here and feed off each others knowledge.

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