Third Time's a Charm

My THIRD Glowforge arrived yesterday (yeah)!! The first one (Glowlocity) had a coolant leak. #2 would not cut through proof-grade and now #3, “Tri-locity,” is about to be put through the test. Despite it all, my hat goes off to the support staff. Honestly, I can’t say enough for the support Danny (the other one) and Rita provided. Both replacement units were send post-haste. (Now the fact that they had to be replaced is not the point…well, for me).

While I am churning on this digital paper, does anyone know the printing area of the Glowforge (minus the gray area)? I know it was provided earlier but I don’t know where to find it.


First congrats on the 3rd one, hope this is the winner! For cuts its about 11"x19.5". For engraves that shrinks the 19.5" down a bit, I don’t remember exactly how much.


It changes based on how fast the speeds are.


Great!! Thanks all. Off to burning some wood!!

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I have a piece that I am cutting out. It is about 18" long BUT according to the unit, it is too long. Any suggestions to cut it to the intended size?

Your bounding box looks bigger than the file itself which most likely means there is a stray point somewhere that is out of bounds.


That’s an odd looking bounding box - can you get a shot that captures the rulers? (Maybe zoom out with the little magnifying glass at the top.)

(Oh and yes to the stray point issue as well.)

Is that one you’ve purchased from somewhere? I had to adjust one of those the other day for someone because it was too long to fit on the printable area as designed.

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It’s being designed from scratch. I will try to get a better shot as well as check the stray point.

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Oh, nice design! :grinning::+1:

Admittedly, not my original idea. I saw a picture somewhere and decided to design my own.

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I have noticed (using Inkscape) that sometimes a stray spec can be next to invisible. I just drag the eraser along the long edge of the bounding box and the box will shrink. If it stops reducing before getting to the edge of the design, it hit another spec.

The bounding box is correct now (I think) but the “unexpected error” message may be from it being too large. In Inkscape it measures 18".

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If meant height it seems to be 10.625 (10 5/8) for me.

I found it could be a tiny bit larger but then you have to get your tongue in the right place to have it recognized by the UI.

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Okay, sorry got an emergency call from home while I was typing this up before…if you want to zip the file up and post it, or send it to me in a PM, I can take a look at it in Illustrator and maybe see something, or try to load it from here and see what happens.

Inkscape is not usually a program that has problems with exporting the correct sizes. (Are you using the most recent version of Inkscape? Some of the older ones did have some issues. Might want to update that first if you haven’t.)

Good luck with number 3:slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers @josephtpage and @Jules.

@rmelvin06 Thanks for reaching out. Would you mind posting the file here or sending it to me at so I can take a look?

Thanks much. I went back in and recreated the file while changing the dimensions. Not the original size but it will work for its intended purpose. Thanks again for the support.

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No prob! Glad you got it working! :grinning:

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!