"this contains a pattern" please help!

I just spent the last couple of hours making a file in inkscape, which I am very new at. I really was excited to print it. when I uploaded it it said something to the tune of “this file has a pattern and it has been removed”. I don’t know what it means. I imported an svg file that I used in making my pattern, I made the rest right in inkscape. I made sure everything was "object to path"ed… I can’t figure out what they might have the problem with. can somebody help a newbie out please???


The Glowforge interface can’t deal with Patterns yet, so if you used something from the internet that contained a pattern, it would just ignore it. Without looking at the file, it’s kind of hard to tell what’s going on. Did it print the way you expected it to otherwise?

Oh and if you used the Pattern creation tool, you have to convert it to an Object before saving:


You can also find Patterns in the XML. If you go to Edit > XML Editor (Ctrl + Shift + X), the XML Editor will appear. You can then go to the “<svg:defs id=”[defs####]">" and you can modify the definitions there.

Using the “Delete Node” option will remove them. Keep in mind:

  • Make a backup before trying
  • It may make your image look different if it is used

But, as @Jules said, it may not really matter.


anyway I can show the pattern here? the only thing I put in from outside glowforge was an svg silhouette.

sorry, i meant from outside inkscape

also, I never printed it, because it won’t render. it says rendering forever, but nothing ever happens

Okay, take your file, zip it, and drag and drop it onto it’s own line in a new post.

will do… except I think I figured out the pattern thing from what you did say. It was saying the inside of the silhouette was a pattern I think. I got that turned off, and it then said it would render without giving me the pattern message, but so far It is still just saying “rendering” and not seeming to actually render. so I’m going to try to do what you said, although I’m not sure how to do any of that. but I’m sure i can figure it out!! thanks for your help!

ok. I figured out how to zip my file and I did that, but I can’t figure out how to make the new topic and put the file in it :frowning: I’m sorry. this is my first forum.


That’s fine. Just keep posting here. The Glowforge Community forum was the first forum I really regularly participated in too, so it was lots of learning.

Just make a new post and upload the SVG, not a new topic.

So patterns are a different beast in Inkscape. It is a fill for a shape that isn’t made up of nodes and vectors but instead it is like a bitmap or raster pattern that the outline shape of your object clips and cuts to fit.

One think you can do is export your resulting patterned object as a bitmap, a PNG prefered. Then you can import it back in and resize it to fit into your cut outline.


Select the patterned object and just export that selection.


Then delete the patterned object and import your PNG back into the document


No problem…just hit the Reply button…start typing up a reply, hit Enter to start a new line, then drag and drop the zip into the post. It will upload to the forum.


nativityornament.svg.zip (14.3 KB)

it is now uploading and looking right in the gallery but it has been “rendering” for 30 minutes and nothing still… that doesn’t seem right.

No it should happen quickly…let me take a look at the file and I’ll see if there’s anything in it.

thanks so much Jules !

Oh no problem. One thing right off the bat - always design your files on a 20" x 12" artboard. (Lots of reasons for it that I won’t list) but one of them is that if your design overlaps your artboard, the file can hang up in rendering.

Try opening a new file, make it 20" x 12", then just copy and paste your current file into it and resave it. (It might let it open.) (Or the equivalent mm…which is 508mm x 304.8 mm)

I think your file might be a little too large.

ok. will try that now

Okay one other question…are you wanting to cut this out? It’s set up to engrave now…each of those lines consists of a fill color with no stroke, which is usually the result from Expanding a “coloring book” image using an auto-trace.

I just need to know if you want to cut the parts or engrave them now though.

okay, I opened it with a page and it’s freaking HUGE. I’m having trouble getting it down to size. I see why having a page is important!! hopefully i can get it fixed. most of this is being cut out. oh crap… I wanted to engrave the silhouette, which is why it was filled with black, and the parts around it were being cut out and the green line was being scored. does that make sense? but since i took the black out of the silhouette I can’t engrave that now can I? uggh. what to do.

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Yes. It’s funky. But don’t worry, we’ll get you there. It has all that you need on it.

Do you want a silohette of the figures engraved or do you want them cut out? Easy enough to do either.