This forum had transformed!

I’m amongst the ones still waiting. I just want to say, though, how thrilled I am that this forum is taking on a new spirit. I’ve been reading and sometimes posting here for the last couple of years. Instead of going to the bad news first thing in the morning, I go to the glowforge forum and see what I missed.

Remember the rollercoaster… The excitement and the disappointment. The speculation and the anger. All of us routing for this company while speculating if they can pull it off. People sharing their ideas and dreams of what they will make.

Then the PRU people started to make stuff. We became voyeurs. It was great to see what they were making, and I have to admit, I was a bit jealous.

As more and more units are shipping, a new wave of creativity has emerged. We are a pretty creative bunch of folks. In our hands is this new tool and we are not going to hold back.

From signs to pill dispensers to carousels, I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. Thank you all for sharing. I have to say I will miss the original forum. We were involved in something thrilling together. There was a lot of risk, emotions, and excitement.

For those of us still waiting it will still be a bittersweet experience. I just try to revel in my community’s creativity and achievements. When I get mine, I may feel a little uncomfortable expressing my excitement to the community because I know how it feels for those don’t have one yet. But at the end of the day, we will all have a laser cutter in our work space.

To @dan and his team, you got this far. We are proud of you. But know that this community is not done with you yet. We expect glowforges in the hands of our International cousins as soon as possible. We expect the alignment to be perfect, the pass-through to work, and for all of those features and functions that were originally promised to be working in short order.

As the machines roll out, I have greater confidence that you can do all these things.

I said all this because I woke up and was present to the gratitude I feel for being involved in this community. Thank you all.

Now go make something.


WOW! Ditto!

I admit when the pre-release units started shipping I felt a little left out, which is only natural - but when I was selected for one, the feelings were transmuted into a bit of guilt for my good fortune. Also natural.
I remember @jkopel, our first beta tester, and how we all enjoyed his adventure as it gave us all hope, inspiration and bolstered our patients.
More beta testers and then pre-release users, and we all coalesced into a family of sorts over time. When you get your laser, don’t hold back from your brothers and sisters here. After the trial of patience on this rollercoaster, you are entitled to shout it from the rooftops - and put your work on display for us all to enjoy! I know seeing the work others had accomplished only added to my resolve.
Great post! :sunglasses: