This guy has all the good toys

Is he sand blasting or is it “soda” blasting (much less harsh on fragile and irreplaceable materials).

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I say media blasting these days as there is not much “sand” being used these days for small items. You can pick just how aggressive you want now. Ground walnut shells is one of the least aggressive I know of.

There is a ceramic version of powder coating - called ceramacote (proprietary). I don’t do that and looked into it a lot because it requires some specialized training to be able to get the materials.

True. Sand is actually pretty hazardous (silicosis). I usually use glass bead (leaves a nice fine frosty finish on steel) or coal slag abrasive. It’s not a rough finish but gives teeth so the finish coat grabs on and fuses well. As you noted walnut shell is also pretty common and relatively gentle (as far as anything being spewed out of a gun at 125psi is going to be).

There is no good reason for it t be so closely held. You could mix up your own and have it working with not a whole lot of experimentation. Relatively high in Boron and Lithium for Muscle and low iron Kaolin for bone and perhaps silicon for flow, and a bit of research to find the natural materials that provided the ingredients already in place . They would likely have a patent, but like many drugs you cannot patent what it does.

Thinking on it very fine aluminium powder could lower the melting point of the surface of the steel before oxidizing and becoming a part of the ceramic. You need the coefficient of expansion of the ceramic to come close to matching the steel but the aluminium - steel interface might make a terrific bond.

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I am NOT using my smoker to bake powder coating!!!

but holy smokes that was impressive.


“Ground walnut shell blasting” just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well…


Just say " media blasting " .


That makes it sound political. :wink:



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I would not use my powder oven for smoking - it would grunge up the powder with particles or oils.

I bought a clean new smoker for powder coating.

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Shell shocked for short.


LOL, I didn’t mean it that way. I was saying that meaning I would be hard pressed to use a smoker to do powder coating. If I bought another smoker FOR powder coating I’d struggle with not using it as a smoker as well. Just smoke 2x as much. :slight_smile:

the results were amazing though.

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A while ago I was looking at low-temp powder coating and did see a listing on ebay. I have not tried it, but it looks interesting. Here’s the relevant info:

A thermosetting powder coatings based on epoxy and polyester resins designed for interior applications. It has good chemical resistance. It provides glossy decorative coatings at low temperature curing.

  • POWDER COATING FOR INTERIOR OR INDOOR APPLICATIONS (steel, aluminum, wood, Ceramics, glass, polymer clay).Application areas: Office furniture, white goods, bathroom fittings, bijouterie etc. it is not recommended for exterior use. It contains an epoxy component which will chalk on exterior exposure
    CURE SCHEDULE = 257F (125 C) /20-25 MIN or 285F (140 C)/10 MIN
    Shelf Life 12 months (< 30 o C and < 50% RH)

here’s the link:

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Perhaps a anti-UV coating over that?

You’d be surprised what people do - it’s not uncommon for someone to use their home oven :grin:

My wife would kill me :wink:

I have the Egg for real smoking though (& a couple of tall cabinet style propane ones for motorcycle rallies when I’m doing good duty instead of riding). Unfortunately I’m the only one home, or even local, that eats meat. Half the family are vegetarians. The carnivores live out of state.

OH man, that is just tragic. you need to get the carnivores to relocate!

and using my oven to bake parts. BLEH…

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That’s why I cater a couple of motorcycle rallies - let’s me do some serious bbq and give me a fix for awhile :slightly_smiling_face:

Fortunately even vegans eat pizza (although what passes for “cheese” is pretty awful). We do “dress your own” with choices of tomato sauce or pesto and a variety of toppings & cheeses. Carnivores, vegetarians and vegans are all happy :+1:


You could always smoke a bunch of broccoli, or peppers :grin:
Some friends were traveling when the car in front of them hit a deer killing it instantly so they cleaned it and tossed it in the back of the pickup and headed for the commune that was the sort popular at that time They nearly had a riot as while nearly everyone there was a committed vegetarian, but each one had a different reason for that commitment.
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I did try and go on a strict vegetarian diet once before realizing that pigs were not strict vegetarians.


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