This has gotten to Broad: Can we just have a Mod Section Please

There are some really nice mods that people have done on there Glow Forge but there hard to find. A new Section showing what the Glowforge is capable with a few changes would be nice.

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Hard truth mode: ON
(Also a fair amount of conjecture on my part, so grain of salt etc)

Who do you think you’re asking? You’ve been here long enough to know that GF staff doesn’t read this.

You’ve also been here long enough and gotten into enough arguments (with like everyone) to know that Glowforge isn’t going to upend their “it just works” business model by providing a dedicated space for each thing that might burn peoples’ houses down. They barely allowed for discussion of custom settings, citing liability reasons. They’re not going to create a space that tacitly approves of untested and potentially dangerous mods.

Even if they were considering your idea they’d weigh it against how many people are wanting it. I’ve never seen a single thread asking for this before, so I doubt it’s what you’d call a groundswell. Maybe everyone will pile on here and demand it but I have my doubts — even openglow failed to really take off, and that was their whole shtick.

So in all I think this thread is a dead end, I wouldn’t spend much time on it if I were you. Instead, get better at using search. See #12:

Better yet, go someplace that has a larger active user base like Facebook. You’ll find more like-minded people just by sheer volume.

At the risk of telling you something you (should) already know: If you still want to suggest this to Glowforge you should email them. There’s nothing any of us can do for you here.


I thought I might be asking the Web Designer to add the section. never really thought glowforge designed there own websites. lol

Worth a shot.

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Discourse runs the forum.

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Ohhhhhh thanks for openglow interesting an was not aware of this as I am not a fan of the new forum without support ,

Think i will share 1 last Mod for the Glowforge and hope it appreciated, lol

I’m pretty sure the company lawyers would foam at the mouth over that.