This inspires me

Now to make this with a laser…


Now that looks like fun.


All the smaller shapes definitely… What a cool idea!!


I keep seeing this ad on Facebook (funny how you start posting you own a Glowforge and immediately Facebook changes their ads to suit). There was a DIY kit at Target called “Kiwi Crate” for a cardboard Pinball machine, and I thought “Oh, when I get a Glowforge!!!” It went on clearance so my wife bought it to give my son and I something to do—and 'cause she knew I’d learn from their design to create my own. Haven’t put it together yet, but it’ll be a fun Summer Break project:


Ok, that is really cool.


I absolutely love this project. My kids would be playing this for hours.
Thanks for sharing this. :smile:
I have always dreamed about making my own pinball machine.
I may have to take this one on.

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This. Is. AWESOME!

My son will be born within 2 weeks. Maybe I could have this built by the time he’s be old enough to play with me! LOL


Cool project BUT – the game’s got no rubber parts, it’s going to be a klunk-fest. There is an existing pinball industry with a mountain of standardized parts of all kinds, including rubber rings of various sizes, and metal posts intended to hold them.

If any of y’all do a project like this, please take a look at a pinball parts supplier. A few bucks in rubber will make your game play, well, like a pinball machine!

For example:

(I’ve been collecting pinball machines for years.)


Ooh, did you go to the NW Pinball and Arcade Show last month. I wanted to but was otherwise occupied.

Where I used to live they opened a Pinball Museum, but it was only open for special events. For their first pinball show my wife and I volunteered and got free passes for the weekend. It was a lot of fun. At first I was nervous being in the tech group, but by the end of the weekend I was sliding the glass off like a pro to get balls unstuck. We broke a world record of most simultaneous pinball games. I think it has been broken since then.

Someday I’ll have a pinball machine… someday.


We have a house in Palm Springs and drive through Banning all the time. I’ve been wanting to stop in there for a long time but haven’t been able to make it happen yet. Someday I’ll catch it on a day when the museum is open. Someday…


Its a cool place. But it is really odd that it can only be open for events or something.

I haven’t made it to the Seattle Pinball Museum yet. I keep meaning to check it out. One of these days.

My favorite pinball game that I have ever played is in the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame. It is called The Pinball Circus. Of course I’m playing it and thinking to myself, if I were to own a pinball machine, this is the one I want… then I looked up at the little info tag… “1 of 2 ever made”. Something like they made two, and play-tested them in arcades, but they didn’t get much attention, so it was scrapped.


I’ve been to that pinball show every year, I’m lucky to live in the area. It’s great show put on by the local collector community.

Your old museum is world famous among pinheads. :slight_smile:


I fully intend to make it to next year’s show.

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Thanks for the link. I’ve been wanting to design my own pinball machine for years. Feel like I’m getting close to making that a reality.


Here are some more links you might like…

DIY pinball platform:
Community site/forum with lots of tech talk:

I am sure there are even more DIY specific forums etc but I have too many hobbies already so I haven’t gone down that rabbit hole.


Sweet! Thank you :grinning:

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