This is the part

This is the part in horror movies where they say “It’s quiet…Almost too quiet.”

So One Forum Member has received notification of a Pro Shipping, and has not received anything since then, June 30th, according to his post today. I HOPE, that the stillness of the pond is attributed to nothing more than the Shipping Boxes Issue, which would explain the silence on the Basic front as well. The month is dragging by, must be the heat.


Yes I count 7 emails over the last four weeks and 36 in the four weeks before that so a big slowdown. Still people waiting for dispatch notices for more than a month.

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E, e, e, cho, cho, cho…


Oh look! A pile of pins…

I’m going to go check out the attic. I’ll be right back.


While you do that, I’ll go into the basement without a flashlight. Someone should definitely take a shower.


I went into the basement and a cat unexpectedly jumped out at me.

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Did it have red eyes? Mrs. Norris?

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At least there was a new delivery. And the whole outside of the functioning temperature range (can we just say overheating?) discussion that seems to be permeating most of the topics. A couple nice projects here and there, but definitely a lull. Although I spent four days catching up on posts to get back to zero unread which had piled up when I was playing with the Prusa. The last post I had found unread was from nine days before. It’s been a while since I had let them go that much.

I’m still trying to define the scope of my issues with not cutting all the way through. I think I have it understood. If I put the cut at the end of a long series of engraves, the cutout doesn’t go all the way through. If I put it at the beginning, as had originally been the default, it goes through. Next is to see if the the ability to cut through lessens through a long series of cuts. Hopefully tonight I can get that figured out so I can plan the operations accordingingly and get back to consistent lasering. This is all on the original PRU, and I know that new settings aren’t supposed to work.


So power is falling off as the tube warms up. Perhaps this is related to why the temperature range has been limited so much.

@dan addressed this when Glowforge discovered a bad batch of tubes. I believe @marmak3261 received his PRU that had been built with one of those bad batch tubes.