This Machine is Garbage $7000 paperweight!

I was able to print one item and it came out wrong and now my screen is stuck. This machine is garbage and I need my money back. I don’y think I should have to pay a restocking fee, because I was sent a defective product. $7,000 for a paperweight!!!

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Email Nobody here can help you.


I did and left a message. no response. Posted in multiple groups no help

I’m not a person who is impatient and I’m computer literate. I’ve tried plugging and unplugging, tried to start new projects and it won’t clear from the dashboard. I have 2 computers, laptops an Ipad and a surface pro. It’s just not working.

Still doesn’t change the fact that we can’t help you. Glowforge staff doesn’t read this forum. You’re just yelling into a void here, I’m afraid.

Glowforge does have a phone support option. We’re just a bunch of customers like you, except the large majority of us are happy customers.

Good luck, sorry you’re not happy, but we’re not who you need to talk to.


Glowforge can help you - no other customers can help.


Based on the information given, yes. Perhaps there is something else besides a stuck screen that could give us a clue to do some more troubleshooting.


From your description the problem is not with the glowforge but with your computer.

Try these:
Close your browser and re-open it.
Restart your computer
You don’t say what you are trying to do when the dashboard is stuck - with more information someone might be able to help you here.

Your problem is probably really simple and just needs a calm look to work it out

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That does not indicate a deep search into what might be the problem. Nor have you tried to define the specifics of what might be wrong. With a hundred thousand happy customers it is just possible that the mountain keeping you from completing your goal would be a minor molehill if you understood the situation and did not blame the machine you have not learned enough to know about.


you have a 30 day window to return the glowforge for a FULL refund.
so no worries…

There is a minor learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you will be as in love with your laser as we all are!



There are a lot of things that could be causing your problems, but without more information we can’t really help you. It’s an amazing machine, so it’s worth the trouble to figure out what’s going on!

Problems with the interface are almost always on your end, because it’s a client-side app. I’d start by looking at possible wifi problems – the Glowforge doesn’t really care much how fast or strong your Internet connection is; it’s the wifi network inside your house that is critical. If there are other devices on the same channel, walls or furniture impeding the signal to the glowforge, or any type of instability in the wifi network, the machine won’t work properly. I live 'way out in the country with a horrible 10 mB Internet connection that craps out any time it rains, the wind blows, or you look at it sideways. But ever since I installed my Eero mesh network and put one of the devices next to my Glowforge, things have been golden. :slight_smile:


I think sometimes people get the impression that operating a Glowforge will be more simple than it can be at times. If you’re expecting an experience similar to that of a much less complicated machine like a Cricut, then you may not enjoy using Glowforge.


Post all the details including what kind of computer and browser you are using, and project images, and I am sure someone can help you.

If you don’t want to dig in to those details, returning the machine is your best option.


I had an issue the first couple of days that I had my GF Pro, it turs out that there was a problem with my Wi-Fi. I bought a Wi-Fi extender to ensure I had max connection across my house, connected the GF to the extender and BAM been kicking out projects ever since. Not sue if this helps, but it was something I experienced. Good luck! It is a really great machine once you experience it!


yea, the glowforge is on 2.4ghz – you need to make sure you have something backwards compatible, or it can ‘jam’ the signal randomly

welcome to the forum!


Lessons learned! LOL! Thanks for the welcome!


where did you get the extenders from and how do you connect them to the GF!

Hi! Are you having problems getting your machine connected?
A WiFi extender just adds another access point to your existing network. It is a step up from the single point you have with your existing router. In my opinion, stepping up to a mesh system is a much better solution. A mesh network usually consists of three or more units you distribute throughout your home to have a net of access that covers the house.
I personally use a Gooogle Mesh system, and it has much-improved WiFi access across the three floors of my house. It basically sets itself up.

You connect to an extender or a mesh system just like you connected to your original router, same procedure.

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I just rejiggered my asus mesh. It was bouncing a couple of the poor little devices(like a ring cam on my driveway and relax time annoying->a HomePod mini) back and forth between APs so much the speaker cut in and out every 10-20 seconds and the ring flood light just noped right off the network and I’d have to reconnect it to the WiFi every few days.
The ring guy(the engineer I got handed off too) suggested a true mesh network has at least three nodes. So in addition to moving my kitchen AP to the closer side of the kitchen(very open design side of the house so it was only closer, only the one outside wall was the same), I also added the second AP that cam with the 2 pack I’d bought but never needed.
I also looked for a setting that would tell the mesh network to stop bouncing the ring camera back and forth between nodes and just hold it to one. I’d thought I’d succeeded but like a week later after having to reconnect it yet again, I found where I could bond/assign devices to a particular node.
The issue with the mini cleared up immediately. The ring camera is still buggy but hasn’t dropped the network since. Unless it was a moving device, I bound everything to the best SNR AP node there was.
I may still end up moving where the modem and main router sit. The router has poor line of site through the house anyway.


No, I have it connected, I just figured out the MAC address and now I can see it in my Network as active with 2.4GHZ , I just have this set focus issue and I have a ticket in but I haven’t heard from anyone since friday and I know there off on the weekends… Also cleaned all the optics and they look really clean and smooth, so I dont know what the problem can be at this point other than I need a new print head or maybe a firmware update, however, Im just sitting here twiddling my thumbs. And we made a lot of cool stuff with the GF in the 2 weeks we owned it but now it’s pretty much worthless to me as it wont even cut all the way through the proofgrade materials with the set focus all jacked up