This may be the Last Time


Maybe the last time - I don’t know.

My favorite version of this song.
The last time Mick Jagger hosted Saturday night live.

Engraved on 9-1/2" x 10-3/4" :proofgrade: cherry ply. My walls never looked so good.
At 70 years old, this could be the last time. :sunglasses:


You are developing quite a nack for these.


Thanks! Imagery is my thing. That’s what grabs me.
Never has it been easier to manifest a vision, and the precision delights me.

@jbmanning5’s idea of the stand off lit me up. With that I realized the pieces I had been saving for a frame didn’t need anything, they stand fine by themselves. On that cherry, the piece frames itself - It is the frame.




Looks great! He has such an interesting, craggy face that must be fun to work with.


Looks great!


Looks sharp! :sunglasses:


Thank you all!
I have done more creatively in the last 6 months than I did since grade school. Always in trouble in class for drawing. Adulthood put that aside, and now in retirement, I’m shaking the dust off.
This community has been instrumental in that. I always thought I was pretty creative until I stumbled into this place. Inspiration abounds here, and the glowforge was made for me!


All of this.