This Memorial Day




More especially, Thank You to your family for their sacrifice. We tend to forget all those who wait at home and make it possible for our soldiers to serve. It’s hard enough to serve in the military sometimes, it’d be impossible without supportive folks at home.


Come November you can make me cookies or bake me a cake if you want but today is not veterans day, today is for those who never returned.
This young man (he’d be in his 60s now) died yards from where I was sleeping in a war that most people under 40 can’t name (cold). He had a young child that is in there 40s now. Him and people like him is what today is for.
So lift a glass to Randy and all the others today. Thank you.


It’s never a wrong time to say thank you to those who served and sacrificed (most emphatically including families) and remember those who gave everything so that we can enjoy the lives we lead.

Sorry, you’re just going to have to hear it twice. :hugs::hugs:


You are right, I just want people to understand, thank you .


Anyone who has served alongside a friend who didn’t come back has had to deal with something that we never have to face.

Can’t thank them, but I can thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: