This might be useful with some of your creations: circuit pen

Do you want to create circuits with ease for your led projects?


It’s $14.95

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Wow that video was AMAZING!


Wow wow wow!! I made a model back at school that tried to implement the same pop-up style of building forms, but it didn’t look nearly as cool as that video! That Christmas tree at the end, though…so amazing.


Yeah. That’s pretty cool.

I use the Circut Scribe ( I have it loaded in the Cameo. I use to to rough test PCBs (mostly spacing) before I fab the ‘actual’ PCB. Pretty handy. My wife has made quite a few ‘smart’ greeting cards with it.


I’m not sure it will work, but I hope to use the pen to connect some printable solar cells that I am working on.

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It is also cool that they have modules, kits, resistor pens, etc.


I bought a ‘kickstarted’ kit called Makey Makey…plus one of those silver pens…to have some fun and learning with my grandsons, but it’s been left forgotten in the corner of a cupboard. I need to get it out and dust it off. We’ve never yet tried it, at all.


Okay, that was so seriously cool that I just had to order their starter kit. I’m a cardmaker, and I love the idea of incorporating cool stuff into the card. I know it can be done in more conventional ways, with wires & such, but I really like this pen drawing aspect. Seems like the circuit itself could be incorporated into the artwork of the card.

I’ll post if I come up with anything cool.

Edit: too many uses of the word “cool.” Substitute any of these: awesome, stunning, mind-blowing.


As an extreme example (and intriguing thinking about the GF) is the new FR4 CNC kit from Pocket NC (some day to complete my maker shop at home will be a real pocketNC 5-axis) is they basically use acrylic of the case with traces on it as the wiring throughout the device, and you put little blobs of solder to glue the traces between the panels. That is the extreme version of the circuit pen in action.


I saw that on Kick Starter and was gonna hit it up, but then noticed it was all funded and I had missed it :frowning:

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Wait, it is definitely not finished. There are hundreds of rewards left (I assume you aren’t talking about the original PocketNC which is now just a regular shipping product). The FR4 is definitely open…



That’s cool! The eggbot uses FR4 as the body, but without the builtin traces, just for the rigidity and the precision-manufacturing infrastructure. So putting the circuits on is really neat.

Whoa, gonna look into that! Thanks!