This Noob is Crazy about Sketchbooks

I thought is was so cool the other day when I saw another member post an engraved sketchbook (I’m sorry I don’t remember who it was). I picked some up and have been doing some trials on these sketchbooks and now making them as gifts! I have a lot to learn and there are many mistakes I am making along the way but I am learning a lot. I hope you like them.


Very nice indeed!


It looks like you are doing very well! They are all lovely and I especially like the mandala. And you’re in good company as there’s not a person here who didn’t learn from their numerous mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:
(I do hate to be that person, but I hope the sketchbooks are laser safe? I’d hate for you or you machine to get damaged.)


Lovely gifts!

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Beautiful stuff!
One thing I see a lot of folk doing is getting those wire bound sketchbooks and replacing the cardboard covers with the thin plywood Like the PG Walnut or Cherry that make the look very special with the rich grain but may be better long term than the cardboard and easier to use. It is possible even to replace the wire with the nylon lacing used for leather though the difficulties of the binding return,


I saw that too…I think I am working my way there. There are so many different things to create, I literally get Glowforge Block. :joy:


They all look great!

Did you mask those? I didn’t have as much luck with mine, it was very burnt around the edges.

I have some burnt ones too. :smile: I have been working with the settings and switching from engrave and score for different results. The books were on clearance and Micheal’s so I bought a bunch to practice on.

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A good reason for using proofgrade plywood as it has good masking and is prefinished.

Also, no I did not mask them. The masking was pulling the color off of the cover.

Did you use laser foil on the gold ones? I am looking for something like to do just plain borders. Mine would be on wood, though.

Nice job!

I haven’t used laser foil before, but that sounds amazing! It is actually just the plain cover without the coloring.

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