This offline stuff is getting way way out of control. there is a problem and for the thousands we spent we need a resolution

When I say we, I mean all the faithful customers who spent money to buy this machine. For some time now this machine has been going offline. It gets first step done in a pass through job and then loses connection. DO NOT SEND ME A GENERIC CHECK YOUR CONNECTION EMAIL! This has cost me hundreds in time and wood. There is something wrong with the wireless device in the glowforge…I have a degree in IT/networking and know enough to see there’s a hardware problem here. My router is 2 feet away from glowforge and still it drops jobs. I need a resolution and truthful answer. I am sick and tired of getting cheesy messages about check my connection and then shortly thereafter the thread is closed…someone needs to seriously look into this! I am trying to run a business and its costing me tons of wasted material and time!

Often being too close can be just as detrimental as being too far away. Personally, I wouldn’t have the router 2’ from any wireless devices… but if I had to, I would enter the admin interface and reduce the tX power.


How is it wasting material? If you’ve got no connection you can’t start the job. If you had a connection when the job starts then it will run to the end. Are you sure that is the problem you are seeing?


Was just going to say this. But he has a degree, you see… So… He should know that. :rofl:


it will only run to the end if you are not using passthrough …passthrough stops , takes pictures and alligns…must have connection to complete

If you are running a business on a hobby-level machine with hobby level support using a BETA feature that isn’t fully supported, you need to look at your backup plan and see where you can make adjustments. It sounds like you really need to examine your business decisions and see if the Glowforge is right for you. It may be that your business needs are incompatible with the machine you purchased.


You probably know this, but posting here creates a support ticket. If you’ve already done all the normal troubleshooting steps outlined in other, similar posts, you might want to outline what you’ve done so you don’t have to start at square one.

Hope you get it resolved!


Typical replies. “Why are you using a glowforge if you need it to actually work/function?”

Well then. Some people get awfully wise and show no shame to express their opinion. I would be willing to bet that there are literally thousands of people making money and running their business with a glowforge pro. (Thus the word pro) I won’t take up much more of your time as I am sure your parents don’t like it when you tie up their internet connection this long.

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The passthrough feature has been out of beta since November 2020. It’s fully supported, like the rest of the machine. I don’t think this “maybe if you don’t like your machine misbehaving you shouldn’t have one” kind of talk helps anyone. I’m sure @bryan6 is a smart enough guy to figure out his needs.


There are probably just as many people running successful businesses with basic models. The pro was not named that because it’s exclusive to running a business.


Don’t dare cross the faithful, they’ll flag your post as ‘inappropriate’.
This forum would be great without the fanboys.

Posts are only flagged because of inappropriate language or personal attacks on other members…not because of anti-Glowforge sentiments. Don’t spread misinformation.


Go ahead. Show me where there’s a personal attack. I’ll wait…

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I apologize; I missed the release announcement for passthrough.

The sentiment about the correct tool for the job still stands. If one isn’t happy with the performance or support of the tool one purchased, for any reason, one should seek a different tool that will fit one’s needs better.


Your wait is over. If that had been a personal attack, the post might likely be gone by now. I never accused anyone of doing that. To be honest, I’m not actually sure why that comment was flagged.

I see two things here.

  1. It is entirely possible that yes… there may be something wrong with your wifi in the glowforge itself. It’s hardware and hardware can fail. I have seen wifi specifically on laptops even intermittently drop and reconnect in the way you describe. So that is possibility one.

  2. It is a problem with the AP. Given that you have stated that it is within two feet of your glowforge, that itself is a red flag. I know you said you have a degree and all… So I’m sure this info will be remedial, but I’m gonna pass it on anyway. Too close to a wifi AP and you can get nearfield interference. It’s like sticking a microphone right up to your face and turning up the gain. You get distorted audio. The same thing happens with wifi. Too strong of a signal and it can distort and cause retransmissions and drops. I wouldn’t have it within 4 feet if at all possible. You also don’t state how often this happens or for how long. As someone else stated, unless you are using passthrough, the job doesn’t start until it’s fully downloaded and no longer needs wifi to finish so if you are “losing tons” in materials you’ll have to explain that one because it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Get your AP up off the ground to a nice, high location… Try running a wifi analyzer to determine what channels are the most free of cross traffic from other APs in your area… Make sure you aren’t getting interference from other 2.4Ghz devices like cordless phones and microwave ovens… Make sure you have 5Ghz turned COMPLETELY off in your router as the glowforge ONLY uses 2.4Ghz… Avoid metal walls, water, etc that wifi signals don’t go through very well…

Worst case scenario, start turning everything in your house off. Unplug it until you have the AP and the glowforge and that’s it. If it’s stable then… start turning things back on one at a time until you see the issue return. If you are down to the glowforge and AP only and it’s still crap, then eliminate the AP and use your phone as a hotspot.


I think I’d work the opposite; test the phone hotspot. If that has issues and cell signal is strong, it narrows it down to a hardware issue pretty quick (i would still move the AP before this test though — 2’ is too close).

But all in all, same results, just different methodology.

One thing I vaguely remember being a problem was a 2.4ghz and 5ghz dual broadcast SSID - where the SSID is the same on both frequencies. For some reason, it was always a pain to get the GF connected when that was true (but wasn’t a problem maintaining connection).


I’m so sorry for our delayed response @bryan6. We aim to provide prompt and helpful support. We failed to do that here, I apologize.

For our next steps, our team is going to need some personal information from you.

I’ve just sent an email request to you, I’ll close this post so our conversation can continue there.