This should be simple!

why??? (2.0 KB)

all I want is for these two simple shapes to be joined into one to cut as one outline shape. I have made all the strokes paths, but no combination of combine or union seems to do the trick. there is still lines in the middle. It will glue them together, but not meld them. I know this is the simplest thing, and I’ve done this kind of thing successfully 50 times, but I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong here and why it won’t work. I don’t get how sometimes it does it beautifully and then Im trying to do something this simple and I can’t make it happen. I must be missing something so simple but I don’t know what. call me frustrated, and you will be underestimating my current angst.

That file can’t be extracted because of the question marks in it. Re-zip and upload it without the question marks.

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sorry. Im new to zipping. didn’t realize it couldn’t handle ???

Just not in the file name…(no special characters). :slightly_smiling_face:

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you don’t mention what software you’re using. It is pretty simple in AI, you can just select the 2 objects, grab the Shape Builder tool and join them easily. (923 Bytes)



sorry, I’m using inkscape, and this SHOULD be easy in inkscape too. that’s why i’m so frustrated it doesn’t seem to be working

Something going on in the file, I can’t make it weld either. How did you create the rectangles?

first I used the rectangle tool and it wouldn’t work… then I traced it with the bezier tool to see if that would work, and I think that is what is in the file I sent you. but I tried both ways, and neither worked.

the long rectangle was already in a file Im using so I don’t know how that was created.

Okay, try this:

  1. Draw out the two rectangles using the rectangle tool.
  2. Select them and Path > Object to Path
  3. With both still selected choose Path > Union
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ok. did that as you requested. again, I can weld them together, but I can’t join them. Union does NOTHING, combine welds them but doesn’t meld them.

see my frustration???

Are you using a Fill and no Stroke?

Ugh! That’s the downside to Windows…they don’t let users name files how you want (they prefer to restrict you).


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Ive tried it filled, not filled, stroked, not stroked. LOL. I’ve tried everything it seems. …Jules, I currently have ubuntu… :slight_smile:

Select all.

Note that you have a path and a group.

Booleans only work on paths.

Read the bottom of your window when weird things happen, because that’s where inkscape tells you what you’re doing incorrectly.

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Is it contagious? :wink:

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OMG!! thank you. finally!!

This comes up regularly on the forum, especially when dealing with text. Remember when you do object to path on text in inkscape that it makes a group of letter outlines. Boolean operations on converted text usually involves an ungrouping. (or entering the group, but this is a weird concept that many people don’t really need to know)