This stock will make a gonzo edge-lit project

I’ve been unmasking the acrylic when making ear savers, which allowed me to make this pleasant discovery! Now I just need to order some more and figure out a good edge-lit project for it.

One interesting this is that this illuminates the stress fractures in the vertical lines that are cut twice. I always assumed the second pass would be in the kerf and the extra energy would be lost in the honeycomb. When I do my own designs I’ll have to be careful to eliminate double-cuts.


Pretty cool! Is it the Proofgrade fluorescent green?

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It would be so easy to go into inkscape and eliminate that extra line. If I could bring it into inkscape :roll_eyes:

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You can download the original files, the zip is linked in the original announcement.

There’s something really funky going on, however, as deleting that line still keeps something invisible in the object that I can’t identify or remove. Probably something AI-specific that Inkscape can’t access.

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Yea I noticed that. In AI I just made the whole thing a live painting which eliminates the double cuts. Still some weird leftover nodes which causes the laser to jump around for about 10 secs at the end without really firing.

Happy to share that file if it helps.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you figure it out, let me know.

You can see the effect of that weird artifact in my “scrap saver” snapmark template. It shows a line in the design thumbnail, but nothing prints there.

Well, it’s fluorescent green but it’s from Zlazr. They have sheets sized for Glowforge for about $9~$10. Just be aware their 12x20 is approximate. They never go over that so sheets will always fit but whereas my Proofgrade 12x20 stock fits snug on the sides this leaves a gap.

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