This week from clone a sodastream carrier

here is a taste


next update


so in about 4 hours I have this put together. next up is to find out a way to use all the cut outs as coasters maybe use the cross bars to cut out part of away to hold them onto the side. will keep playing around but I think its bed time


Very nice!
Thanks for sharing that!

ill work on some svg’s later today


OK now to attempt a svg upload these are never fun




so these SVG’s assume 1/8 material. the design is fully parametric (and its a good thing because i had to shrink the handle as well as the width of the thing to fit in the 12x20) but not sure about a good way to share but anyway here is the cut files. note I don’t actually have a laser nor know how to prep a file for cutting. basically I took the DXF files from fusion and put them in inksape and nested best I could

some of the spots got then when I had to shrink the platform so I may either remove extra tabs to thicken that spot up not sure till have a laser

then again when its all glued together it would make it solid anyway

will upload a new render when it finally finishes with the cup coaster holders

didn’t exactly get the transparency on the bottle but good enough


Thanks! :sunglasses:

so no GF to prototype with cardboard, just a 8.5x11 printer so I re did the svg’s to 1/4 scale as well I cant fit large parts on a sheet of paper. so here it is … I did not feel like cutting all the tabs and slits so scotch tape it is


Nice: I know this is lily-gilding, but had you considered making all/most/some of those tabs self-locking so you don’t have to glue? You get a bumpier shape, but it might be worth it in coolness.

I don’t know how to do that, and I think you would have to play with tab dimensions based on material. I know there is allot of math that goes into making tabs

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