This will appeal to many of us here

I’m sure no one will have strong opinions on this topic. :wink:


Pretty funny. I joined our local Makerspace because my wife wanted me to divest myself of many of my home space’s stuff. I donated many of my tech tools like 3D printers, scanners, etc.

Five years later I’ve got newer 3D printers, CNC plasma, bead blasting, powder coating booth & oven…

And I’m running out of room again. Wifey is looking out of the corner of her eye at my stuff :wink:

But I think I’m cutting out the 1st paragraph of that article - spot on!


I started at 20 with a makeshift jeweler’s bench in the hall closet of our one bedroom apartment.

Fast forward 40 years and I’m pretty fortunate to have a dedicated16x12’ room in the walk-out basement to contain my affliction. The workshop is the inner sanctum of my introvert shell where I can retreat to make noise, stink, or just sit and bask in the atmosphere to feed my soul.
Climate controlled (glowforge stays happy) with power ventilation for welding/plasma cutting and a deep sink.

There, I create, repair, and eviscerate either for useable parts or just to explore and understand the workings of a device.
The main focus has evolved over time from woodworking to primarily metal work - to now mainly art, thanks to the glowforge.
If I were to expand in capability it would be with 3D printing I think.
Someone is going to have a hell of a mess to clean up behind me. :no_mouth:


Jon at NYCNC posted this one today. It’s a great worshop.


My dad has always been a maker. Here’s some of what I’ll be working on getting taken care of when we get to Texas. (This is just one end of two giant rooms of his metal barn.)

This explains a lot about why my crafting table always looks the way it does!


Ugh. :woozy_face: lots of potential ankle-twisting opportunities there! Funny thing is he could probably walk in there and go right to anything he needed.
Perhapps a big garage sale, or I would be tempted to talk to sympathetic like-minded neighbors, and offer them any and all they wanted to keep on the condition that the rest of it gets cleaned out. :grimacing:
(after giving the place a once over for any sentimental items and to ensure he didn’t stash his precious metal collection somewhere)


Yup. Right down to a certain tool or type of screw. :slight_smile:

He’s already gotten rid of some of the big stuff (like the two-ton lathe he inherited from his uncle), so he’s not leaving it ALL up to me! His cousin has the same “maker” genes and just built a house on the place, so I’m hoping he’ll cart some of it off, too.


It’s genetic, and the reason I designed both my shop and office as smaller spaces in my home… Easier to clean when I get the urge!


I’m STILL super jealous of that hallway full of floor to ceiling cabinets you had built between the house and garage. :wink: If we end up building a house once we settle down, you are SO going to be on my design team!


They got it wrong when they said “location, location, location.” To me it’s “storage, storage, storage.” :slight_smile:




Heh. Now I don’t feel quite so bad about the condition of my making space.


Among my father’s books was one he got around 1920 that was a compilation of maker stuff by Popular Mechanics. Among the list of things was 50 things you could make from old WW1 helmets and those glass battery jars that you could still seen as fish tanks in the 1950s, but more the unsaid assumption that every reader would have a barn full of old tools and a pile of junk that one would probably find those helmets and battery jars.

As I look around a lot of folk in this group would have that, and I have friends like that but that is a very tiny percent of the population now, and folk are more likely to have a room with a big TV than a workshop.


not bad. throw a futon in the middle of that pile and you’ve got my bedroom.


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