This Year's Secret Santa Present

Made for my workplace’s secret Santa this year

The dusting/gilding effect on the edges of the cut outs wasn’t intentional when I got started, but I like how it came out, so it will be intentional (and be better executed) on the next one I make.


Nicely done.

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This will make a wonderful gift! I really like the gilded effect.


Oooo nice!

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Very Nice! What type of wood did you use?

Proofgrade Walnut Plywood. We had a couple of sheets hanging out after the library did our ornament making workshop earlier in the month.

The coloring was done with a spray on adhesive and colored mica powders, applied before I removed the masking on the proofgrade material. For the engravings I didn’t want it in, I covered those with masking tape patches before sprinkling the powder and brushing it smooth with a nylon paintbrush, but I forgot to cover the cut outs, which is what caused the dusting on the edges of them.

Next time that will be intentional, and the powders will be applied more uniformly on them.


Love the addition of the mica powder! Great look!