Thor is Coming

Just got the email with UPS tracking info. On December 26, Thor will be at my door, with the power to forge all things in the universe. Ok, not all things, but he’s a confident dude and I don’t want to burst his bubble with Christmas just days away.

Arriving in time for some late Christmas gifts, a few January birthday gifts, the SuperBowl party, Valentines’s Day and on and on. Time to fine tune my designs in waiting!


Congratulations! That’s a pretty good Christmas present you gave yourself. :grinning:


That’s great to hear!


On truck for delivery today. With other stuff going on today, I probably won’t be able to do more than unpack it and ensure it survived the UPS journey until tomorrow.


Mine’s been sitting in the box since I picked it up Friday from UPS :slight_smile: Been a busy weekend & it’ll be another day before I can break free to unpack and test it out (and create its escutcheon of course :slight_smile: )


Pro or basic?

Pro to southern California

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DELIVERED! The carton is missing two handles, and it’s a slightly battered box with tape split on the bottom seal. But with a quick visual check through the plastic wrap, the GF itself appears to be in good shape

Just got the carton with the accessories, too. Unfortunately, the lens removal tool and the laser glasses are missing from the box. :frowning:

Oh, and the GF is BIG.


That’s awesome! Very happy for you!

They moved those to the main box. I think the setup instructions are still wrong.


The only things in the accessories box are crumb tray and vent hose.

OK, I will look for them there later. I assume they must be nested somewhere inside of the GF unit itself, along with the cord and laser head, rather than loose in the big carton. I took the wrapped GF out of the big box and did not see any extra items. I will remove the GF from the plastic wrap and peek inside when I get it home.

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Congrats!! Mine just arrived today!

Well, I took my GF Pro out of its plastic bag this evening, found all of the needed items inside, removed all of the packing materials, connected the laser head, and with heart pounding, I fired it up. It prompted me to connect to Wi-Fi in less than a minute, and connection took less than a minute more. It then begged for me to print, but I have to get the exhaust set up done before I do that. But so far, so good!

Nothing seems askew with the casing, front door or lid. It is a beautiful, hefty appliance.

Valencia, California just got even more awesome.