THOR says Hello World

Kluged together a quick ventilation out a Window in the loft in my house, and THOR was ready to make his debut.

Stuck in a piece of medium PG maple plywood, loaded up the founder’s ruler, clicked print, pressed the glowing button and I was off to the races.

After the ruler, I Loaded up 3 other projects in succession and they worked like a charm without adjusting any settings . Thank you glowforge


Awesome! (And Congrats!) :smile:


And thanks to @jules for the tip on the weeding tools, to @kennethclapp for the referral to the great script font (Relation 2), and to others on the Forum for the suggestion of Gorilla tape. So easy!


Nice colorfill :heart_eyes:


Ok. So I should win a prize. I never told my wife I had ordered a GF. When it finally arrived at the office on Dec 26, my wife was upstairs feeding the babies (we take the twins to work with us). I put the box in my office under a table, and she never noticed it.

Last weekend, while she was at Costco, I brought it home and set it up in the loft, where we rarely go (until now).

This morning, while she was at Costco, after I fed the twins, I went upstairs to our loft to execute my first prints. I finished about 10 minutes before she returned.

Later, I was painting the letters on the little sign, and she asked if I had made it. I told her yes. Later, she saw the two script names of the twins, and I asked her what color she wanted them. She suggested pink and blue.

When I was halfway finished painting, she took over. She asked if I had ordered them. I told her i made them. “Solid wood?” she asked. "Did you cut them from a machine? " "Yeah, a .machine I ordered 2 years ago that they just delivered last week. " "Did you have to pay 2 years ago? " “Yep. They had about $30million in preorders in about 30 days. And this machine now costs a lot more.”

As she continued painting, she said “You know, we can make money from this.”

I love it when a plan comes together.


Awesome fun first projects!!!

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Love the work. Good luck with the twins.

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I did the same. I thought it would be a fun surprise. I was wrong :blush:

It’s all good now.


I expected the worst, but she surprised me.

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Then you’re very lucky LOL

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How many pairs of shoes is a :glowforge: :thinking: