Those who use Instagram and Macs

What is your favorite app for Instagram on Mac?

if I want to upload something edited, or from the drone, I airdrop the image to ipad/iphone, and use the iOS instagram app.


Flume makes an app that is fully integrates with Instagram. You can scroll your feed, review likes, see popular stuff, almost everything you need to just “view” your account.

If you purchase the Pro license, you can post, which it does a great job with. Can do carousel posts too. I have been very happy with it. Have it on my imac and macbook. Can respond to messages too!

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I don’t think this is what you are asking for but I am starting to transition to Later for our business Instagram - EDIT: ps its free!

You can schedule posts to happen at certain times (even schedule months of posts).

As for viewing; the web browsers works quite well. Lets you view, like, and see all the profile data you need.


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