Thought I would share! Ok so I had these awful stamps in my grab bag from Michaels and look what I made! I soaked them in water overnight before engraving on them… I just couldn’t bring myself to putting them in the machine without soaking them.


That looks awesome! Why did you soak them in water?

They were like dry like straw honestly If I did 3D on them dry I think they would have caught fire … I mean I can’t say for sure but that would be my guess :slight_smile: I had a house fire last year so I am a little overly paranoid… I never want to deal with anything like that EVER again.

Understood! Better safe than sorry.

I’m not a member of Facebook so I can’t see your video. Why don’t you post the project here?

Sorry I did a video and just use live fee because it’s fast :frowning: I will post photos when I have my booth set up March 2nd

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