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So I saw someone’s Christmas ornament on the FBG and decided I wanted to put my personal spin on it for my mom. Currently I have it clamped together to keep the warp from setting in because the back piece is 1/16 Basswood from Hobby Lobby, the rest is 1/8.

I’m debating on how to color or stain the first two layers. I’m not sure if I just want to color match with a stain, or if I want to use dye and color the middle piece with different colors for the thread and needle.


I don’t know about color, but I love the sewing machine.


Me 2! Might want to try colored sharpies - they work great on unfinished wood. (Just test on something else first.)


Thanks. It didn’t turn out the best (knowing I had more detail like the thread on top running across) because I forgot while design it to resize my hexagon. I designed everything in a 9" hex rather than a 3.5", so I had a lot of blowouts and burn off. This was the third try with tweaks. I may end up just making it a wall hanging for her, that way I can make it larger and expand the detail and not have such thin lines.

Oh they work great on this wood. So do the Prismacolor markers or if you’re cheap…ugh…I mean frugal, like me Ohuhu markers.


Wow, really great design. Love how the old Singer (66?) came out!
Colors would make it pop–perhaps her name in red, needle silver, thread green, machine & frame & treadle black, and leave the table top and frame wood?? Or just the needle & thread to give some pop & contrast… Whatever you choose, I’m sure she’ll love it!!

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Funny part is that is exactly how it was laid out in Illustrator before I merged the sections together to create the layers.

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The final project with colors.

What I used for coloring.


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