Three Minutes To Midnight

Also not bad to let the fluid re-acquaint itself with the Reservoir it’s supposed to be in…on a flat surface… in the right orientation. (Do people know I’m not a fan of UPS yet?)

Yep. Even after sitting for several hours, however, the tube still had an air bubble in it. Immediately purged when the pump started.

My Founders’ ruler is printing now…or was…

I waited until the wind started dying down. Hadn’t had a power blip in a while.

Setup went fine. No problems calibrating. Started printing the ruler. Part way through engraving the numbers (which are part of the same step as the logo and “Glowforge Founder”) the power blipped out for half a second. Immediate termination of job.

Ran just the tick-marks step after that. Completed fine. Then started the rest over. It almost finished the numbers before another power blip!!

So I’m going to go run the cut now… And that completed fine!

So, my slightly flawed (by power outages) Founders’ ruler:

Because of doing a partial double-engrave, the logo and 0, 3, and 5 are double engraved (partially, in the case of the 5). The 2nd engrave had the power die just before finishing the 2–thus the top is missing.

But the repeatability was great. I didn’t have any app failures. Responsiveness was good. And while I could see that there was a little alignment difference between the preview and the engraves on the multiple restarts of the job, everything stayed properly in place.


Glad you’re back up and running! :grinning:

Wonderful news! Now you’re off to the races.

You’re putting that thing on a UPS, right?