Three-year Anniversary

Today marks 3 years since my GF arrived. Other than the fact that camera accuracy sucks and the calibration procedure doesn’t work on my machine, everything is still plugging along fine. Only real issue was the black cable, and that got taken care of after a week of anxious waiting.

I was thinking that it is funny that in the beginning, when shopping for materials and such, if I was asked what kind of laser I owned, I would sorta mutter under my breath: “glowforge”. This was followed by either laughter or a puzzled look. Today, even Home Depot is selling material openly described as compatible with GF. It’s not as if GF is now a status symbol, but at least I can hold my head up when I say the name.


I have only had my :glowforge: a few months, but I cannot image not having it now. It is so much fun having a factory in my house! I imagine something, draw it, print it, and put it together. It is absolutely amazing!


Happy anniversary!


:partying_face::tada: :boom: :four_leaf_clover: :100: :champagne: :beers: :clinking_glasses: Happy Anneversary!


Happy anniversary! Sorry to hear about your problems with accuracy but, glad you are still plugging along. Have you done anything using your CNC and GF?


Happy Anniversary! There are so many with a one now, that if someone doesn’t have one, they know someome with one.

I spend too much time reading the forum, which gives me less time to use the Glowforge. ::sigh::


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