Thumbnails, ordering, cuts

I’m going blind reading threads and hoping there’s a better way…

I use illustrator 5

In the Glowforge app… I know how to arrange thumbnails and group with colors.

How can I visually hide a layer so my file isn’t cluttered and un-hide once I want to see it/cut. I’d even accept a delete and keep reloading my file.

What I want is to have a single file of all layers(thumbnails) pull together and then ignore or not different thumbnails based on what part of the project I’m doing. I then want each thumbnail to cut in a logical order instead of skipping all around the project.

Are colors really the only option to streamline the order cuts are made? I’d need dozens of colors which are not easily organized/referenced/visually different to my eye.

Colors also (from my limited understanding/use) always create a new thumbnail which isn’t practical.

So what obvious thing am I missing?


The obvious thing is that you move the sections around outside of the page boundary.

Then when you bring it to the UI, you drag the items you want to work on into the cutting area.

Anything outside the cutting area will be ignored.


If your design has a large number of elements you may find the glowforge UI will automatically group them into one blob, in which case this method will not work.

I used to know what the threshold was until grouping kicks in, but I’ve forgotten.


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