TIE Fighter in acrylic layers



Six layers of acrylic: 2 star fields, 3 layers of TIE fighter, 1 clear cover.
It might look good edge-lit.


First time I’ve seen layered stuff like this. Nice! And yes edge light it, wonder if you could somehow do different coloured lights for the different layers or use some filter on each layer edge?


Wonderful, definitely screams for lighting!


Oh, I’ll bet you get a wonderful depth effect with edge lighting! Can’t wait to see it! :grinning:


Very cool layered work! I’ll bet it looks even cooler in person.


Light it up


Nice! You will love it edge lit!


Here’s the rough and ready version of edge lighting. It does look cool! I’ll have to do a more polished permanent version…


Very cool. Looks great.


That looks awesome. I am so jealous of the talent on this site.


That’s a neat idea!