Tiered tray

I’ve got so many files that I’ve never used! But I’ve been getting into making some “tiered tray” projects with files purchased online. But, being cheap like I am, I didn’t want to buy a tiered tray to put them on. Then I remembered - I’ve got the “In for a treat dessert tray” in the Premium catalog which I got when I first got my GF in March! And it works perfectly!

I haven’t painted this one yet, and don’t know that I will, although I may stain it to be darker. I may even get some colored felt to cut the bases out of so that they can easily be changed to match the season or whatever. I absolutely love how it works and how easy it is to put together. I haven’t fully “decorated” it, but this will give you the gist of it. I know that the ones you buy all have a little “lip” on the shelves, but this one works for me.

I also like the fact that not only can I make it in 15 minutes, but it’s no bigger than 10" around, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. And if I want to take it down, I think I can store it safely in a gallon baggie as it comes apart easily too! However, I doubt it’ll be coming down, as I’m thinking of all the tiered tray stuff for the different seasons. What fun!


Definitely putting me in the holiday spirit! :sunglasses: :+1:


This is great!


That came out really cute! And you know, you could add a lip to the shelves by cutting another shelf for each one that has an inner cut (using the Outline function) about 1/8” to 1/4” away from the outer edge, then gluing it on. Hope that made sense.


That turned out great!


Thank you for that idea @cynd11. It took me a minute for my brain to figure it out, but I did and I think it’s a perfect solution!

And thank you all too, @Jules, @ptodd, and @rvogt! After years of having the same decorations, I’m loving making new ones!


Wasn’t quite sure whether to just edit my last post on this, to respond a second time to @cynd11, or just respond to the last comment on here (which is mine). But I wanted to show everyone how @cynd11’s suggestion turned out - and it’s perfect! Thanks again @cynd11! :hugs:

What makes it nice is that I can do all three levels on one board (lip only). The only problem I had is that I still have to open two files as I can’t seem to open two premium files on the same dashboard, and “drag and drop” doesn’t work for me (I have tried that with several different programs, and either I don’t know how to do it or my computer just won’t). But I got it done and I am thrilled!

Now I’ve decided I’m going to have to stain it, because I want it darker and I don’t think paint will give me the effect I want. But right now I’m loading it up with “fall” decorations! Whoohoo!


Wow, looks great!


Turned out great!

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That did turn out nice. Really adds to it!

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Agreed! It is perfect



I can see that tray with sweet delicacies. Looks fantastic!

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Thanks! I really like the little added lip to it. :slight_smile:

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Hello, I am making the tiered tray to display ceramic cupcakes that my fourth graders made for Parents night. I have the svg but it’s missing the largest circle in the dashboard. Can someone please give it to me? Or at least point me to where I can purchase it? Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Leslie

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There are two separate files for this tiered tray. Did you open the second one? They would show as two files on your dashboard:

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If you find it as annoying as us, send an email to support@glowforge.com and ask for folder support for multi-file……files. Maybe one day we’ll get it.


Thank you so much I did not realize that.

Leslie Nickerson

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Yeah, many of the premium files have more than one file to them. :slight_smile:

new to this community chat stuff, but where is the file? Is there one?