TIL: Kirigami


Thought you’d all appreciate this lovely art-form:


Beautifully done! :relaxed:


Nice work. In a similar vein some of the modelling community, er, of scale replica models, rather than displaying a model as an individual item they go to great lengths to create a “diorama” to complement and enhance the original piece.


Fully appreciated! Thank you for sending this along.


Love this!! And I’m excited to learn this art form has a name!


That was totally cool! Makes me wish I had more artistic talent, or enough money just to commission him :slight_smile:


Wow this is wonderful I would like to try to do at least one. :grinning: … do it a lot of times until I get one well done :sweat_smile:


I’ve never seen anything like that. Wow.


They look amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!! :relaxed:


Kennethclapp, I have really enjoyed this thread from elrond I’m reacting to a comment you made about your skills. I imagine that you underestimate your ability as many people do. For example, you can create your own kirigami dioramas from photos of friends and family or from your adventures. You already have a story line and the photos serve as templates or models for silhouettes that you can simplify to suit you. You can use your new GF for your designs. As a departure how about using wood laminates or other materials. How about a kirigami - well, maybe now it is no longer kirigami- that is using the elements of kirigami but like a topographic rendition. Almost 2D. Different color woods or paper, or not. Just thinking without filters - for what it’s worth. I’ll finish with the thought that provoked me to write. Most people are creative in wonderful ways but have not given themselves the license to do so. May the Force be with you! GF is destined to be a game changer in ways we Will imagine.